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The Access Panel is a group of people, either with a disability or having an interest in disability, who work to improve access for all disabled people.

Why Do We Need An Access Panel?

Despite all the work that has gone on over the last few decades – the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act, Thee Equality Act2010, new laws introduced by the government etc – many disabled people still find that they aren’t able to do a lot of the same things, or go to the same places as a non disabled individual.

Where Does The Access Panel Cover?

As suggested in our full name, we work within the area covered by North Ayrshire Council.

If you have an access issue then please contact us to discuss it, we may be able to give you advice on how to resolve the problem.

Architects: we would be happy to appraise your projects before they are put forward for planning or building warrant, there would be no charge for projects within North Ayrshire.

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