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Parking Policy

Agreement has been reached with Patrick Robertze, manager of the centre, that blue badge holders can park longer than three hours without penalty. To register for this, blue badge holders should take their badge to the management suite, situated beyond Boots Chemist towards the multi-storey car park. The badge will be scanned, once only, and details taken, including vehicle registration number, allowing this parking time extension until the expiry date on the badge.

If you use different vehicles, you need only inform the management suite of the different registration number each time you visit. The Rivergate jurisdiction covers what is commonly known as the Asda and the multi-storey car parks only. Please contact Rivergate on 01294-274021.

Improvements for Visually Impaired Shoppers.

After bringing to Patrick Robertze’s attention the lack of colour contrasting at the steps and escalators, he was happy to make adjustments. Colour block tiles will be laid to warn of a change of level and the steps will have embedded colour contrast strips to highlight the edge of each step.

Improvements for Shoppers With Visual Impairments.

After bringing to Tesco’s attention the danger to shoppers with visual impairments, as they move through the car park, they agreed to make adjustments. Tactile paving has been placed, where pedestrians are crossing the roadways within the car park, on the route coming from Homebase towards the store entrance.

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